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Our promise is to enhance your mental well-being in times of ‘badiliko’ and to equip the organisation with best practices to achieve this with you.
Swahili word for: Transformation & Change
Transformation & change are part of life. Through transformation we learn & grow. At times however prolonged, ambiguous and unexpected change can have a negative impact on our mental well-being.
(William James)
“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another”

For Your Organisation

Supporting your organisation in times of change to create a healthy, resilient and stress-free work place for employees, teams and managers.

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For Youth

Supporting youth and our younger workforce to maximise their potential by strengthening their resilience in times of pressure and uncertainty.

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For Yourself

Supporting you in your personal and work life to become less stressed, more balanced and emotionally stronger to deal with change, uncertainty or adversity.

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Why physical & mental fitness are the best ‘fertilisers’ for growing resilience
On August 21, 2020

Whether you take a relaxing stroll through your nearby park with your family or whether you sit down with your friends for a cup of coffee on a Sunday afternoon, you can be pretty sure that you...

Finding Our Flow to Happiness
On July 15, 2020

If you really think about it for a minute…what is actually the aim of our life?

I am sure at a granular level the reply of each of us to this powerful question might be slightly different....

Why Being Present is ‘healthier’ than multitasking: 3 Tips to enhance your emotional well-being
On May 10, 2020

Let us be very clear: being ‘truly present’ in today’s environment where we are constantly battling with ‘tackling’ as many things as possible, is not an easy task.


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