Our Badiliko story

Where it started

Badiliko is a word that came to me whilst I was living and working in Kenya.

My ‘East Africa experience’ transformed me forever. It made such a positive impact on my life, that I decided to call my own company after the word: Badiliko, which means 'transformation' in a main local language: Swahili.

I strongly believe, that learning and growing is a lifelong process. The greatest learning moments whether in form of hardship or other, are opportunities to transform ourselves in a positive way.

For example, developing an ability to worry less about what we are not in control of, might lead to feeling less stress. With this one step we initiate positive change for ourselves. This positive change will have a ripple effect on our relations with spouses, family, friends, colleagues.

Badiliko (or Transformation) is an ongoing process and not only relates to our self- development but to that of others too. When we transform, the world around us transforms.

Our Logo

What is the meaning of the tree?

The tree as a symbol has been used for thousands of years as in the case of the ancient tree of life. The power of the tree comes from being firmly rooted in the ground so it can experience any possible adverse weather conditions and keep existing for a long time. This symbolises our ability to be grounded, which is essential for weathering the storms of life.

The trunk symbolises growth and development and the branches and crown of the tree represent our diverse personalities, attributes, talents, interests, belief systems which make us the unique individuals we are.
A tree has to be both firmly grounded and flexible enough to bend and adapt to weather conditions, storms, droughts, icy temperatures or very hot temperatures. Reaching this balanced state is what helps each of us be more resilient in the face of adversity and enables us to be the best version of ourselves across many situations.

The Badiliko logo tree also bears similarities with the acacia tree often found across magical East African landscapes. The acacia tree is a tree of endless resourcefulness and resilience, which is able to withstand extreme weather conditions and offers protection from heat to many animal species.

By taking a closer look at the crown of the Badiliko logo tree, we do notice that it could be perceived as the shape of a brain…. Why is that?
We can positively and actively shape our brain in so many different ways by addressing our belief system and mindset to strengthen our ability to deal more effectively with what we perceive as threats to our psychological well-being.

What is the link of all this to You and your Organization?

Taking care of your own mental and emotional well-being and also that of employees and of your organization as a whole, will create the fertile soil required for solid roots to grow strong and the branches high. A healthy organisational culture will pay off in the long-run and create sustainable satisfaction, fulfillment and ultimately more engagement and a sense of community within an organization.