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Feb 02, 2017

Badiliko 'Book of the Month' recommendation - If Our Bodies Could Talk, by James Hamblin

Badiliko recommends 'If Our Bodies Could Talk' by James Hamblin, Doubleday, 2016 as our book of the month.

Books to feed our soul, mind or heart… 'If our Bodies Could Talk' is a 'Guide to Operating and Maintaining a Human Body'.

Badiliko can help you to focus on your Health & Well Being

In our world of paradox where we have at our disposal more technology, medical progress and advancement in medicine than ever, we are also bombarded with endless advice, tips and quick win information on how to maintain or keep it. Think for example of weight loss or aging or nutrition and of all the related self-help information available on the internet, social media and in the form of books. What to believe and how to filter the 'good from the bad' the academic from the useful? This book is written by James Hamblin, a doctor turned journalist who interviewed hundreds of medical practitioners and with great clarity, humor and illustrations makes it evident what our body needs, how it functions and how we can take care of it in a simple but effective way, every day.  

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