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Jan 18, 2017

To change or not to change' is this the question? Get inspiration from our latest ‘Book of the Month’ recommendation

Late last year Badiliko launched a 'Book of the Month series: 'Recommended reads' to feed our souls, minds and hearts ...

We believe that exchanging and sharing knowledge and ideas is essential to build a more open, transparent and collaborative society.

But before making our actual recommendation of the book for January, let me share a few personal reflections on change:

2016 - a year in which the world experienced ups and downs, challenges and uncertainties on so many different fronts. If I would attempt to formulate my one key learning of this past year into one single motto this is what it would be: 

"Change is our world's new certainty'

The times of change representing 'a specific moment or phase' in our work or life where we go through' several stages' (or a well-designed step by step change curve) as a way to accept whatever it is that has changed, seem pretty over. 

Maybe change is no longer 'a big one off' moment to prepare for, nor is it a neatly 'cyclical thing' but instead has now become a permanent expression of our environment and is our new everyday reality for which we need to be ready all the time, at all times. 

If we could start improving our ability to change with small things in our everyday life and with it learn how to turn what is commonly called 'ability to change' into something more manageable like practicing conscious 'everyday' change behaviour, we might become much better equipped for our new reality and less stressed by it.

Badiliko recommends: A book that might help us to see the importance, simplicity and impact of making small changes in our lives on our ability to facing big changes.

The Path by Professor Michael Puett & Christine Gross-Loh. A New Way to Think About Everything, 2016, Penguin Books. 

The perfect book to take a reflective distance to help you make your new year’s resolutions.

If you're looking for inspiration to make changes in small and meaningful ways then you should read this book. It's an inspiring 'action to change' from a different angle to the usual one: wisdoms and practical tips anchored in ancient Asian philosophy. It is reminding us that implementing small change is a realistic and fulfilling path to creating real impact for ourselves and others!

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