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Jul 01, 2016

The Renaissance Of Genuine Leadership

Our world, society and the education and business landscapes are experiencing a leadership crisis. Socially, politically, economically and ethically, leadership excellence at every level has never been more needed.

Crisis points have always existed in one form or another, this is not new. What is new is that the crisis we are facing today is no longer localised within specific geographic regions, or specific business sectors or specific to some societies, cultures, age or gender groups.

We need to take action now. The answer? Genuine leadership.

Changing Pace Of Life

The rise of rapid globalisation and fast spread of technology has multiplied the speed and spread of communication.  Everybody can now be reached, everywhere.

Of course, this has helped society worldwide to raise the bar, enhance possibilities and create opportunities for people, businesses and previously excluded geographies, cultures and groups of individuals.

However, like with everything new progressive and fast growing, it also carries a major downside, of which there are experiencing many unsettling examples – from the immigration crisis through to terrorism spread and global climate change. 

From a behavioural perspective, we have not been able to catch up as fast as ‘history in the making’ around us. We have not had the chance to build the necessary support systems for people development or prepare individuals, teams and organisations adequately to enable them to embrace and translate these changes effectively into their everyday work and life.

Posing A Threat To Future Generations

Ultimately, this phenomenon is leading to huge risks to productivity and performance for future generations.

To name just a few:

- The youngest generations (i.e. gen I) learns, engages and operates very differently to our current more mature workforce. To attract, retain and develop this talent group requires a very different approach.

- The oldest generation, who is retiring or about to, has a wealth of knowledge critical to be passed on to the younger generation to avoid putting the organisations future success at risk.

- The overload and speed of technology and communication means people and organisations are struggling with focus, clarity, trust issues, misunderstandings, dissatisfaction, demotivation, health, personal and work balance, fear and stress issues.

Due to the complex ramifications and fragmentation of our environment, future generations are not only at risk of losing their sense of ‘self’, but also of facing difficulties remaining confident and positive in the future and our own capabilities and values.  How can they be expected to cope and adapt as quickly as technology moves?

Finding Personal Fulfillment Through Genuine Leadership

There is clear awareness in the learning and development services sector that traditional leadership approaches and learning methods might not be offering the necessary support. A ‘one size fits all’ approach in this arena is not the answer.

Badiliko believes that co-creating, collaborating and co-facilitating solutions with young people and building a mindset of collectively responsible leadership is the best way forward for a more successful and healthy environment and attitude to life.

The ‘renaissance’ (rebirth) of a new leadership approach and reigniting essential leadership skills at all levels is essential.

We believe that enhancing collective leadership and instilling authentic ‘self’ leadership from the bottom up, will lead to re-inspiring trust and self-confidence, higher commitment and engagement levels and productivity.

Our aim is to support the emergence of trust – inspiring all-round, holistic leadership to create more positive conditions and fulfillment levels in society. The willingness to trust will inspire higher satisfaction levels in self and others, as well as helping to instil greater levels of balance and well-being.

We believe that creating a collective meaning, common purpose and social responsibility lies at the heart of positive enhancement of our world.  Ultimately, our belief is that this will create a multiplying effect and will help transform the world and society overall, at the same time enhancing transparency, collaboration and willingness for dialogue over conflict.

Natalie is the founder of Badiliko – a positive learning solutions consultancy specialising in leadership coaching and development for greater authenticity, trust, well-being and happiness in the world.

Badiliko’s motto is: Lead from within. Inspire others. Transform the world


"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." - Ryunosuko Satoro

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