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Jan 12, 2017

Speed Self-Coaching: A quick win to bring values to life

Do you remember our Social Media Leadership Values Initiative in December calling for action on four key values: Personal Development, Physical Fitness, Reflection and Gratitude?

I guess we all feel that life is rushing past us and time is never enough ... having time to reflect and act on our personal development requires time. We talked about how to master greater levels of self-leadership in our previous social media postings.

If we apply ‘self-leadership’ wisely and consciously, it does not have to be time-consuming… we can do this whenever we can fit it in. As a matter of fact, once we become masters in self-leadership taking a regular step back to reflect on what we are learning with our personal development in mind becomes part of who we are, versus something ‘we do’. As long as we DO fit in the time to stop to reflect…a few minutes is all we need... Let me give you a demonstration of how values can be brought to action in less than 5 minutes:

Let us try out a fast way to discover whether we need to work on developing one or some of the values that matter most to us, with a simple "speed self-coaching exercise”:

Simply ask yourselves a few questions:

1. How important is this value (ie. personal development) to me as a person, professional and leader on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest)

2. If the rating is 4 or 5, how much conscious effort have I dedicated lately to honouring this value? (same rating can apply)

3. If the rating is 3 or lower:

A. Where do I want it to be? What is hindering me from having a higher rating right now?

B. Which type of conscious action(s) can I take for positive change?

There you go, now we have brought the value of personal development to life. You might find that our other featured values in our social media pages (Physical Fitness, Reflection, Gratitude) are of much more or much less importance to you than the value of Personal Development. Test it out with whichever value resonates most with you.

The key is to create awareness about the extent to which we want to live in closer alignment of the value that matters most to us if we are not doing it already. Would we not be more satisfied if we did?

Ultimately, we are in charge of our own destiny… or let us put it this way: we might only be partially in charge of our destiny but we certainly are in full charge of consciously living our own values. 

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