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Education Context


Supporting the younger generation every step of the way.

We are determined to help the next generation make a positive impact on society, through introducing self-awareness, leadership skills, values training and resilience and coping techniques.  We work with all ages, particularly pre-university or first year university students.


Badiliko helps young people to…

  • Enhance overall positivity and resilience

  • Increase well-being, balance and motivation for individuals, leaders and groups

  • Achieve closer alignment between life/career/study direction and individual needs and preferences

  • Identify needs, aspirations and strengths of your talent

  • Assess issues, barriers and potential blind spots that are hindering your talent mindset

  • Promote and facilitate self-awareness, purpose driven, authentic leadership and resilience

  • Increase retention, satisfaction and productivity

  • Strengthen your organisational DNA to be better prepared for the changes, complexities and threats of the global business climate

  • Prepare and retain your youngest leadership talent and workforce alongside more mature workforce


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