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What we are about.

What is genuine leadership?


Genuine Leadership is the ‘magic’ that happens when three elements come together: purpose, authenticity and self-leadership. It is leading with the intention of creating meaning for yourself, others, and society.  

This three dimensional way of leading refers to much more than solid level self-mastery.  

It refers to leading in a broader sense than we would traditionally link with a position of authority, in or outside an organisation. It is a way of leading by example to inspire positive change in others and our environment, whether within your job role or another formal position of authority, or regardless of it.

Genuine Leadership is about a ‘way of life’ - at home, at work, across the various formal or informal ‘roles’ we carry, as the boundaries between these become less and less clear. It is a way of ‘being’ in this world.

The foundation to leading genuinely (with purpose, authenticity and self-leadership) lies in self-awareness and self-acceptance. In other words, leading from the ‘inside out’ lies at the core of Genuine Leadership.

Leading authentically from a point of who you really are requires both understanding AND acceptance of your personality, your inner self, your preferences, values, barriers, enablers, limiting beliefs and behaviours.


Why purposeful?


If you can get clarity on who you really are, what is important to you, what drives you, what you truly enjoy, your talents and strengths and what you might need to let go of for the benefit of who you truly want to be, leading purposefully will become easy and help you to create meaning in everyday actions for yourself and others. The ultimate result will be greater engagement and fulfilment.


Why authenticity?


Once you are able as a leader to identify AND accept yourself, with confidence, you will be able to align closer with your authentic self.  This will lead to greater balance within yourself and your life. When your authentic self is not aligned with your everyday work, behaviour, way of leading others and your life, you might feel out of balance.  This might take the form of stress, which has a negative effect on your well-being.


Why self-leadership?


Self-leadership is about strengthening your inner self, decreasing areas of disbalance and increasing your emotional resilience. 


For more information, read our blog post here on 'The Renaissance Of Genuine Leadership'. 

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