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A team can thrive or die on its culture. Left unmanaged, a negative culture can prove toxic, resulting in decreased productivity, flagging morale, high staff turnover and ultimately affecting long-term business performance. 


When Annet van der Laan Radeck joined JAO S.A., as Chief Financial Officer, she spotted the signs of an unhappy workplace straight away. Knowing she needed help to instil a healthy, harmonious environment within her new team, she called on Badiliko to realign the team’s values and herald a new era of positive working relationships:


‘Natalie held a mirror to what was really going on’


Annet van der Laan Radeck, CFO:  “Joining JAO S.A. as part of a merger, I inherited an unhappy team. My predecessor had a very different management dialogue to myself - an authoritarian leadership style that sadly created a culture of fear and subservience.  The negative atmosphere had been further compacted by a spate of leavers.  It was tense.


“I couldn’t afford to lose more people. It was time to put the past behind us and redefine the way we worked together. I needed to underline our values and create a more friendly, collaborative culture. I was trying to achieve something new for the business future, so needed a new approach.  That’s where Badiliko came in."


"Through recommendation, I knew Badiliko would be able to inspire positive change and help the team to realign with one another.”


A fresh outlook


“As a global company, we needed a bilingual coach to resonate with the whole team.  Fluent in four languages, Natalie from Badiliko made an ideal fit for us. 


“Natalie’s approach began with a set of assessments for each team member, consisting of a mix of online surveys and confidential one-to-ones.  We then headed off-site for a unique team building day – a sign we were closing the door on the past and starting afresh.  Natalie then followed-up with personal coaching for individual team members where we thought they would be beneficial.


“Our off-site day really signalled an awareness awakening for the team.  It was a turning point. We mainly looked at how to handle conflict, working through clever exercises and games that opened people up." 


"Taking the team out of their corporate, commercial space into a trusting environment was a complete catalyst for change."


“I hadn’t come across some of the techniques Natalie used before.  She had so much personal experience to call on and really brought the team in to give them a sense of direction.  She encouraged the team to be open, honest and embracing of change.”


Bridging the gap between professional and personal


“Natalie has such an authenticity about her; she immediately connected with the team.  It was incredible how everyone opened up, sharing private information that was clearly affecting working dynamics."  


"Her approach bridges the gap between personal and professional, as she has full understanding that those two worlds have to in sync and aligned in order to thrive."


“Natalie showed a genuine interest in helping us as a team and as individuals.  Her personal approach brought down barriers.  She seemed aligned with what was happening within our company and it never felt like she was on a mandate. She just instantly got it.”


Overcoming challenges


“With Natalie’s coaching, it feels like that previous negative era is now firmly closed. The collaborative exercises she took us through were a total mood changer.  We got to know and like one another and as a result are more open, honest and productive.


“Natalie believes in what she says.  If you are looking for an in-depth view and are not scared of holding up the mirror to the issues you face, her approach is spot on. She brought about real transformation within my team, for which I’m incredibly grateful.”

Natalie held a mirror to what was really going on

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