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“After 20 years heading up marketing and commercial teams in the FMCG and Telecommunications industries, I suddenly felt I was hitting a wall. When you are young, you can do three sleepless nights in the office; but it is not sustainable long-term.

“I have always given a lot of myself to my work and put in endless hours in my rise to the top. My success lies in new growth market environments, mostly in Africa. It’s a demanding area - full of business opportunities, very hectic and fast moving.

“At some point though, I just became tired. I couldn’t detach from work and was struggling to sleep. I began questioning whether I should continue in the corporate world or kick-off an entrepreneurial experience, which is when I came across Natalie through recommendation.”

‘Natalie gave me another perspective’

“It was an unsettling period. I was stressed with many questions buzzing around my mind: What is the next step I could take? What could I improve on? What was I doing wrong? I needed help, so Natalie agreed to coach me through it with 10 one-to-one sessions.

“I have always had the tendency to see the glass as half empty instead of full. I’m very result orientated and, while other people celebrate successes, I will always question what could have been done better. I’m all about performance and have put huge amounts of pressure on both my teams and myself in the past.

“Natalie gave me another perspective on how I could operate. I realised that my way of doing things might be one of the reasons why I was reaching great results, but it was not the only way." 

"Natalie incorporated tricks to tackle my negative state. If something bad happens, I can work through it, now I know the theories and techniques.”

Cutting through the scepticism

“At first, I was a bit sceptical of coaching. It seemed like a trend, like everyone needs a coach for everything in its life. It took me time to realise though that there is a reason it is so popular: It works.

“Natalie helped me to consider my next move and change my state of mind. She would never tell me what to do. She listened carefully to the situation and did not make judgments. She just knew the right questions to ask to make me dig a bit deeper and draw upon the answer myself.”

Flexible and unique approach

“Having been schooled in France, I returned from Africa to Paris to complete an Executive MBA at the HEC School of Management. Natalie would travel to meet me for our sessions, which I was so grateful for. Occasionally we’d speak through Skype too. She was always available and very flexible – exactly what I needed from a coach with my busy schedule.

“Natalie has a unique skill. Perhaps because of her occupational psychology training and corporate background, she can wear a double hat. It gives her a great advantage. She also has a high EQ.”

Inspiring positive change

“Working with Natalie has helped me hugely. I’m much clearer now about what I want to do and how I want to live my life. She has reinforced some skills that are strengths, but helped me to adapt my pace. Our sessions were a catalyst for igniting my interest in other areas and opened up questions I hadn’t considered before.

“Natalie has had such a positive influence. She helped me to stop racing around and take a breath sometimes. I’m much more positive these days and the stress has definitely reduced. I’m working to control my emotions and be a better manager and leader. Working with Natalie has helped me to be more rounded.”

Natalie gave me another perspective

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