Meet Natalie

I am Natalie, founder of Badiliko.

I am an organizational psychologist, an ICF PCC level certified coach with particular focus on leadership & occupational well-being coaching and education. I have over 20-year experience in the corporate world and in the executive education consulting sector.

Born and raised in Italy, Rome by German parents, I completed my undergraduate and post-graduate studies in Organisational Psychology and Psychometric Assessments in London.

Exposure to diversity, different countries and cultures has been part of my upbringing and represents a red thread throughout my career to date. The key driver and passion in my work and life is the ability to dig deep to understand, empathise and to help people find the best path forward, with the greatest chance of success be it for an individual, team or organisation.

As an experienced manager and leader of global teams, I worked with, coached, and trained many individuals and leaders across Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and the US.

In my different roles I support individuals, employees and organizations through times of personal, occupational and organizational transition as a

  • Psychological/Occupational Wellbeing Coach, Consultant & Practitioner
  • Motivational Keynote Speaker & Trainer
  • Leadership and Team Coach
  • Program Facilitator & Moderator
  • Coaching Skills Trainer

I consider myself to be a global citizen, with a deep understanding of how to enhance the value of human individuality and diversity.

I navigated many change situations throughout my career and life and have been able to put into ‘real live’ practice many of the resilience, emotional well-being and life style management techniques I teach in my learning sessions and courses.

The ability to set roots by feeling grounded wherever you are and whatever you experience has never been more of a critical skill to have as it is in today’s post-covid world. So is the ability to flex and adapt. Striking the balance between these two lies at the core of maintaining psychological and mental health, peace of mind and ultimately health & fulfilment.

This is where Badiliko comes into the picture!

Badiliko’s approach to training, learning and coaching to enhance mental well-being is characterised by a cross disciplinary, evidence-based organisational psychology. It is a coaching and training approach which includes the science of well-being, stress management techniques, leadership development and positive psychology.