Managing Mental Health in our Post Covid Workplace

On May 12, 2021, 4:30 p.m. until May 12, 2021, 6 p.m.

The interest in workplace health has grown extensively over the past years with a diverse range of businesses wanting to promote the health and wellbeing of their employees. The global pandemic and the near standstill many organisations and workplaces were suddenly faced with had a magnifying effect on the concern of mental health at work.

  • Have you been thinking about how to address and overcome some of the challenges related to creating a thriving post Covid workplace?
  • Are you a Business Owner/Leader, People Manager, HR or other professional responsible for the mental well-being of employees and/or for that of our organisation?
  • Are you a mental well-being investor, philanthropist, ambassador, policy maker or influencer believing in the advancement of (mental) well-being in business and society?

Then this session is for you!

This interactive session offers you the opportunity to deepen your perspective on how to go about shaping the future of mental health at work; be it in support of the well-being of employees, improved people manager practices , of the overall culture in your organisation or aiming for a responsible business environment. Implementing some mental health actions is one thing, but defining and executing a sustainable mental well-being strategy and practices at your workplace is another ball game entirely…

During the first part of this online session, we will focus on sharing some of the latest trends relating to mental well-being at the workplace. It will offer a contextual framework for why a 'whole organisation' /"whole person' and strategic leadership approach to mental well-being is critical to achieve responsible and sustainable impact.

The second part of our online session provides an opportunity for participants to network in smaller group, share & exchange their thinking on how to shape a more effective mental health agenda at the workplace.

The 'overnight work from home' phenomenon, coupled with lockdown measures across the world, forced upon us in the past year of the pandemic, has highlighted how the prosperity of business and society are inextricably linked.

Issues such as loneliness, isolation, boundary issues between family and work life, no switch off time, dealing with the unknown 'future of job and life' are some recent examples of a 'new' range of threats to mental well-being at the workplace.

Irrespective of organisations size, industry or well-being maturity level, when it comes to fostering employees’ mental well-being, the immediate need for defining and implementing a more holistic well-being strategy became bluntly apparent.

In order to create real business and people impact through a sustainable healthy workplace, leadership/management practices and structural and cultural aspects in the organisation need to be closely linked to employee mental health.

Please join us for this exciting event, together we can create a better future!

About the Facilitator

Natalie Schürman is a certified ICF PCC level coach and an organisational psychologist. Her 20+ years career spans a range of leadership roles in organisations such as Dell, Yahoo! Infosys Technologies before she became a professional executive coach and leadership development consultant and started her own coaching and mental well-being consulting practice named Badiliko (Swahili for Transformation). She lived and worked in Kenya, Italy, UK, France and Belgium and coached and trained many leaders and clients across the globe from Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Russia, Turkey through to Asia, Europe and the US.

Badiliko is an organisational psychology, coaching and mental well-being consultancy, offering coaching & learning interventions to global corporate and private clients. Badiliko supports clients with stress reduction, building resilience and enhancing mental , emotional & psychological well-being at work and in private life. Natalie published work on how to create coaching cultures in organisations for greater employee engagement. She is passionate about helping companies to build a responsible business mindset through the creation of a strong well-being workplace culture for a thriving business, employee engagement & fulfilment.

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