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The renaissance of leadership to inspire trust in your self, others and the world.

Badiliko is a positive learning solutions consultancy specialising in leadership coaching and development for greater authenticity, trust, well-being and happiness in the world. We co-create highly bespoke solutions for our clients. Depending on the outcome you want to achieve, our coaching, learning and development services might include:
Identification of needs & aspirations
Assessment of personality and wellbeing
Design and delivery of customised self-awareness and holistic leadership training and development solutions
Assessment of potential development barriers and potential blind spots
Individual coaching
Motivation for individuals, leaders and groups
Introduction to self-leadership skills
Values discovery and reinforcement
Finding balance and motivation for individuals, leaders and groups
Mindfulness, stress reduction and emotional resilience building techniques
Developing authentic leadership
Preparing young leadership talent
Achieving closer alignment between individuals and teams
Measuring the impact of learning
Career coaching


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Bringing change to your business


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Supporting the younger generation every step of the way


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Personal & Individual

Helping you to become fully aware of and aligned with your authentic self


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We encourage an environment of authenticity, integrity, trust, curiosity, learning, co-creation, solutions focus and fun whatever we do.


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