Coaching for organisations

Awareness Coaching Session

Who is this for: Employees and Leaders

What is this for: This session uses a range of different personality questionnaires to measure aspects of personality linked to the stress, resistance and resilience. You will benefit from one-off deep 1/2 day (4 hours) session which will identify clear development goals.


  • Duration: This typically takes 4 hours
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Individual Coaching Journey

Who is this for: All employees

What is this for: This is a 1:1 coaching service, uniquely tailored around the specific needs in personal and mental well-being of the individual. Coaching topics are agreed at the start of coaching journey following an intake session (diagnosis) between coach and client. The well-being topics we cover in this highly customized coaching experience are typically: · dealing with personal stress · growing my resilience · improving my personal health · developing stronger coping skills · relaxation techniques that stick.


  • Face-to-face or remotely online

Team and Group Coaching Journey

Who is this for: All employees

What is this for: 

This service targets smaller groups, usually of 4-8 participants from different divisions, groups or intact teams. The lower participation numbers results in participants benefitting from a more customized learning experience by the lead coach. This service is customized to the client’s requirements and is targeted at teams who are undergoing change, often change that is adversely impacting them and taking a toll on levels of engagement and well-being.


  • Face-to-face or online remote workshop
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