Coaching for youth

Awareness Coaching Session

Who is this for: Youth education and development organisations

What is this for: This session comprises of a selected number of personality questionnaires which measure areas of personality linked to the stress resistance and resilience. A one off and in depth 1/2 day (4 hours) session with an identified development goal.


  • Duration: It takes up to 4 hours.
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Small Group Coaching

Who is this for: Youth education and development organizations

What is this for: Topics can be selected according to relevance to the specific context but can range from:

  • stress and anxiety management 
  • building personal confidence and resilience
  • relaxation techniques 
  • personal well- being 
  • health.

This is for a group of students (school or university) or young graduates who might be part of the same university. study or work trajectory, community, or those at the start of their career.


  • This can be offered in a one off session, virtual or face-to-face

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